Who We Are

BUBO LEARNING DESIGN is a learning development firm based in Plano, Texas. Since 2015, Bubo has deployed its unique talents to serve a variety of clients. Our staff’s experience in learning design brings years of talent, customer service insight, and ingenuity (not to mention empathy and humor) to compete with anyone in the industry. You’ll see what we mean once we put our skills to work for you!

Maximize Human Efficiency

Our Team

We advocate for sustainable learning strategies for your entire organization and will be responsible for curating content and presenting it in an effective eLearning format.

We owe all of our successes to the strength of our team. The diverse backgrounds and perspectives our team members bring to each project ensure that every learning experience we create is unique.


Everyone's favorite part is the creative phase. During this phase, our team will start to seed you with preliminary sketches, wireframes, and prototypes. We'll put together a comprehensive set of storyboards so that we understand your creative tastes. This phase is where you start to see the strategy take a distinct turn into a look and feel, with a voice.

Web-Based Design

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What's beauty without brains?

All of the hardwork completed during the Creative phase gets a fresh breath of life as you start to see static concepts become fully functional digital assets. You'll see how subtle animations create depth. You'll be presented with fully-functional concept views as we complete them for your feedback. By the end of this phase, we'll have a completely ready, beta product for review by you and your team


Everything is tested. Everything. From web browsers to mobile devices, we ensure that no matter how your audience chooses to view the material, that we've crossed the T's and dotted the I's to ensure an impactful presentation. Upon final approval by your team, we push the magic launch button and watch your learning content deliver results!

Research and Strategy

While you get to know us, we have to get to know you. We spend valuable time up front understanding your company, your competition, your strengths, and your weaknesses. We ask questions. A lot of questions. During this phase, we put together a collaborative roadmap that is part you and part us. This roadmap informs the rest of the project so our compasses are always pointed in the right direction.

We also offer maintenance agreements to oversee continued compliance. We have the expertise necessary to manage new and existing legacy systems or platforms to meet SCORM requirements for publishing and tracking purposes. When applying our deep skills set, we take pride in our unique methodologies in all our endeavors.

Our History

Bubo was founded in 2015 by Mark Evans, a learning design expert with over 20 years' experience in the industry. At first, Bubo WAS Mark... until word started to spread about the kind of work the organization was producing. A few short years later, Bubo is quickly becoming an respected name in Learning Design, producing high-quality work for several high-profile clients.


Our purpose is simple: bringing high-quality learning experiences to the world. Our clients, along with their employees and customers, have experienced what this means—and so can YOU!


We see a future where learning is always engaging, effective, and memorable—even fun. We see a future where workforces are properly trained to meet any challenge. We see a future where partners come to the table prepared and informed to work together. We see a future where customers have an accessible entry point into organizations designed to serve them. We have a vision of a world that isn't just connected but properly informed.


Our goal is to deliver the eLearning experience that best meets YOUR needs. Our process allows you to steer the project in your preferred direction at every stage—from conception to content and from production to delivery and deployment. We consult with you at key points to ensure we deliver exactly the course you want, on time and budget.

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