Software Solutions and Data Management

Our team’s technical expertise doesn’t just apply to building training. It also helps us manage it – and it can help you, too. We can create functional tools for managing, tracking, and updating your learning experiences through LMS partnerships.

Custom Applications

Don’t let anything stand in the way of what you need – especially not technical limitations. We can develop custom solutions to your unique needs.

Learning Analytics

Want to quantify your impact? Our comprehensive approach to learning retention includes tracking, measurement, and application of your learners’ experience.

Retention Metrics

Don’t forget about retention! We can design for follow-up lessons and forms of content measurement to help learners grow more secure in what they know.

Performance Improvement Measurement

Learning is an ongoing process. Track of your workforce’s learning through performance-measuring tools.

UX Design

What good is your content if no one can access or use it? Solve this problem through user-friendly design.

xAPI & mpi5 Solutions

SCORM is on the way out. We’ll keep you from getting tossed out with it by developing your solution in xAPI or mpi5 – ask us how!

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

We’re not just on top of the latest in tech – we’re thinking ahead, too. AI and machine learning are coming for the training sector, and when they arrive, we’ll be ready.

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