360° View

In the movie Clash of the Titans, Bubo the owl reliably served Athena, the goddess of wisdom and war. From his perch on her shoulder, he offered a comprehensive, 360-degree view of the world, helping her clearly see potential threats -- and potential opportunities.

At Bubo Learning Design, we serve our customers the way our namesake served Athena. Our battlefield is the business world; every unforeseen complication or obstacle is a potential threat. Through careful attention to critical details -- industry trends, corporate culture, deployment and delivery -- we supply you with the insights you need to implement your strategic vision.

Our clients’ needs are always evolving, so we are too. Whether you’re meeting the challenges of the present or preparing for the future, we’ll ensure that you go into every battle fully equipped and without blind spots.

Your Organization

Stop us if this sounds familiar: you have a training need, so you hire some learning professionals. With your guidance, they develop your content first into a script, then a storyboard, and finally, a learning module or series is deployed to learners.

For a long time, this is what a typical engagement with a learning company has looked like. A narrow, rigid set of solutions has been proposed for almost every problem held by nearly every client, with varying degrees of success. Fortunately, Bubo isn’t a typical consulting firm.

While competitors settle for mere training, our aim at Bubo is to offer our clients comprehensive, ongoing learning experiences. The difference? Instead of a mere product, we can provide you with a partnership. We work with you on every level to give your learners the tools they need. Together, we enable them to perform their necessary work, develop their roles, and create an internal culture consistent with your stated values.

Our Successes

“That all sounds great,” you say, “but what does your approach actually look like in practice?” Good question! It depends. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt not only to the unique needs of every client but the unseen road bumps that appear during every project as well.

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